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Norway is a rich nation whose inhabitants enjoy arguably the best quality of life in the world. With no real poverty, a welfare state that provides for the basic needs of all, and a strong commitment to equality and fairness, Norwegians are naturally proud of the society they have created and see themselves as the equals of anyone. A deep respect for the wildness and beauty of the natural world is ingrained in the national character of a people who delight in the great outdoors.

On first encounter, Norwegians are serious, polite, law-abiding, and very hardy. They are also very private people, which can make the newcomer feel as if they have come up against a stone wall with an icy wind blowing behind it. Getting to know a Norwegian takes time, but when you are able to read the signs that take you behind that façade you will meet the warm, friendly, fun-loving, family-oriented person hiding on the other side.

Culture Smart! Norway will help steer you through the social and professional encounters of your visit to this new culture, deepening your understanding, and enabling you to establish business partnerships and friendships with ease.

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Norway - Culture Smart!

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