Andrew Loryman

Andrew Loryman

ANDREW LORYMAN, after graduating with an M.A.Ed. from Brunel University, London, lived and taught in Zambia for twenty years, working in mission, government, private and mine schools in Western, Central, and Lusaka Provinces. Formerly the national coach for the Zambia men’s volleyball team, and for many years chairman of the schools’ volleyball association, he has spent time in every province in the country.

During his years in Zambia, as well as teaching, he wrote articles for the Zambia Daily Mail using the name Sitali Mulenga, and with his wife, who is Zambian, ran a chain of hair salons and a tailoring business, and kept 2,000 chickens and ducks on a smallholding.

Andrew's cultural tip

As you saunter through the market and browse the brimming stalls for your onions, tomatoes, groundnuts, Kariba kapenta (small sardines) or finkubala (dried caterpillars), don’t forget to ask for an mbasela – your little extra, your freebie!

Memorable travel experience

The Zambezi Escarpment is steep, very steep and winding – a tortuous, narrow, convoluted climb from the Kariba Dam wall up towards Lusaka and here is how to make the journey even more exciting:

First pass through the Kariba Border Post, enter your car, start her up and watch as flames leap from your car hood – open the hood and stand back and observe as the inrush of oxygen fans the flames. Shout loudly whilst grabbing handfuls of soil which are hurled into the blaze. Keep shovelling in as much earth as you can (not easy in such a rugged landscape) and wait until the conflagration has subsided. Ponder what to do now and believe as night falls!

We were ‘rescued’ by the Chief Executive of the liquidated Zambia Airways and his family who towed us the 120 miles up the Escarpment to our farm in Lusaka West. ‘Keep the tow rope taut’ forever my personal mantra!

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