North America

The world's fourth largest continent is home today to some 600 million people and a vast array of cultures. Spreading from Arctic Greenland in the far north, south to the tropical Caribbean Islands, the continent's make-up has changed over time through great waves of migration, colonisation and slavery that together create what is North America's diverse cultural montage.

The mix of indigenous, European and African cultural influences that exist within the regions great superpower, the USA, are as significant as America's influence around the world today. Not confined to clear national borders, cultural tropes and influences on daily life are in constant flux with one another throughout the great continent, and the discerning traveller will uncover a great many varieties.

The Culture Smart! guides of this region will help you untangle the differences and focus your gaze on what makes each country tick. For anyone travelling to the region, the guides will introduce you to the daily local life in all its facets, offer a variety of tips on what to expect in particular situations and how to communicate - both verbally and otherwise.

You can get the most out of your experiences when you understand the reasons behind the attitudes and customs of a country, and can then enjoy taking part in their etiquette and traditions. For us, the possibility of meaningful and enjoyable cultural exchange is travel is at its best, and we will help you reach it.

Culture Smart! guides:

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