Mexico - Culture Smart!

The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

Russell Maddicks


The third-largest country in Latin America, Mexico is hugely diverse, having both rural backwaters where time seems to have stood still and manic urban centers like Mexico City, one of the most densely populated and exciting cities in the world.

This complex and fascinating country is where European and American civilizations first clashed. The repercussions of the meeting in 1519 between the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés and the Aztec Emperor Montezuma II, and the subsequent devastation wrought by the Spanish conquest, is still felt today.

Culture Smart! Mexico takes you to the heart of Mexican society and introduces you to the proud, spiritual, dynamic, fatalistic, and fun-loving people who call this country home. It describes how people socialize, the dynamics of daily life, the importance of family, and the annual cycle of feasts and fiestas. There’s advice on how to negotiate a Mexican menu, as well as information on traveling safely, communicating, and provides you with the tools to make the most of your time in Mexico.

Warm Greetings

When it comes to greetings, no physical contact is not an option—at least a handshake is mandatory when meeting and saying good-bye to someone, as a diffident wave would be interpreted as rude. Men greeting men they know will often mix in a pat or two on the shoulder or back. Women meeting women will shake hands and often kiss on one cheek.

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