Clare Vickers

Clare Vickers is an English writer who lived in Hong Kong for eighteen years, from 1979 to 1997. Her husband was a member of the Hong Kong Government, and collaborated with her on the history and government chapters of this book as well as other historical books and articles on Hong Kong.

She has a degree in modern languages, and has written several dictionaries and textbooks for Hong Kong schools, had a column in the educational section of the South China Morning Post, and is the author of Escape, a Story of Wartime Hong Kong, written for Hong Kong teenagers. She last worked in the territory in 2004.

Clare's Cultural Tip

I have found that, although it is important to be aware and sensitive to another culture, remember that others have an expectation of you as a representative of your society and you may be better regarded if you behave according to their expectations rather than trying to do what they would do. So be aware of what they suppose you will be like.

Memorable Travel Experience

Going round the world with two children under four. The cultural differences, while immediate and noticeable, were subsumed in the universal human similarities of caring for babies and small children.

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