Jorge Mojarro

Jorge is a Spanish academic with a Ph.D. from Salamanca University who is teaching and researching at the University of Santo Tomas
in Manila. He has traveled extensively through the Philippines and Southeast Asia and has written for both scholarly and general publications, including Philippine newspapers such as Business World and The Manila Times.
Travel Tip

Do not hesitate to start a conversation on the bus if you feel like it. Filipinos are extremely friendly and speak very good English. They are usually shy but are very happy to talk to you if you take the initiative. This is great for solo travellers.
Memorable Experience

The archipelago of Coron: turquoise waters, lively and colourful corals, white sands, long coconut palms, a sense of cleanliness and freshness in the air. It was 2009. I thought places like that just existed in TV documentaries. It turns out it was Coron. That's why six years later I decided to get married there, on the beach.


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