John Scotney

John Scotney

A couple of years ago I moved to an eighteenth century former Inn in Devon. I am currently completing a history of the port of Brixham for our many visitors (and freely admit how much I have learned from the experience of writing for Culture Smart) . I am also on the Executive committee of Brixham’s award-winning museum and have been helping the BBC with a documentary about William III who landed at Brixham in 1688.

John's Cultural Tip

My main advice to visitors to Ireland is that though people will welcome any family collections you may have with the country don’t think it clever or funny to put on a fake Irish accent or go on about ‘The Blarney’ or about Irish politics for that matter! Just be yourself and everybody will take a real interest in you, your family and your background.

Memorable Travel Experience

I was once lost in County Cork on a Sunday. There was no public transport on Sundays so I resorted to hitch- hiking. A kindly local farmer picked me up. He welcomed me into his home, gave me a splendid meal and offered to put me up for the night, all without any thought of recompense. However when I asked him if I could phone the airport to let them know I would miss my flight, he reminded me, "It is a not a public phone!".

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