Marian Lebor

Marian Lebur

Marian Lebor is a journalist, editor and filmmaker who was born and educated in London. She graduated in History from Queen Mary College, London University. In 1994, she moved to Israel with her young family. She writes for a variety of English-language publications in Israel and abroad on Israel-related themes. Her work has appeared in the Guardian and in Anglo-Jewish newspapers.

She compiled and edited a 280-page book about the North West London Jewish Day School for its 60th anniversary, and she edited and contributed to “Memories that Won’t Go Away”, a book about the Kindertransport.

She produces short films that highlight Israel’s diversity, culture and technology for websites, online magazines, and non-profit organizations.

Marian's cultural tip

Israel is a dynamic and diverse country, steeped in history and biblical associations, yet modern and technologically advanced. Israelis often feel misunderstood and they love showing their country and its not inconsiderable achievements over less than seventy years of statehood to visitors. This guide is designed to help you find the country behind the clichés and the complexities. Come with an open mind and time to take in Israel’s rich cultural life, its historical sites, its sandy beaches, and wide range of cuisines and you will have an enjoyable and stimulating experience.


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