Nick Davis

Nick Davis  

I'm now the BBC's freelance reporter in Jamaica but I've also worked for National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, CBC, Channel 4, The New York Times The Guardian and The Telegraph and many other media organisations on stories here.

One of the things that I've enjoyed so much in Jamaica is the ability the people have to reinvent, from music and art through to the very nuts and bolts of their lives. People seemingly always find a way to survive and thrive.

It's also a country that has so much unrealised potential. One area that interested me was the fact that it is one of the few countries that produces the fine and flavorful cacao that's essential in making artisan chocolate. With that in mind I've trained and started my own chocolate business called One/One Cacao. Taking wonderful cacao from the different parishes and turning it into rich 70% dark chocolate. Jamaica has a saying, 'One One Cocoa Full Basket' which means little by little things get done. It's my dream for my adopted country.

Nick's cultural tip

When travelling in Jamaica beyond the resort gate, be careful but don't be scared. I've hosted hundreds of people, and my wife, a former tour guide, has hosted thousands. The experience beyond the hotel resort gate is greater than anything inside..

Memorable travel experience

In Jamaica, off the beaten path in rural St Thomas with a revivalist church group. Their faith is a mix of Christianity and African retentions. The gospel melodies are hypnotic and the Bishop is whirling in circles like a dervish as offerings are made to the ancestors on a table covered with fruit and bottles of Sprite and Coke. The singing goes on into the early morning, but it's too hard to leave. It's like a window to the past in a society which is always moving forwards.


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