Rona Hart

Rona Hart, Ph.D, is a relocation trainer and a counsellor working with bright, successful professional people, preparing them and their families for their move abroad. Her personal relocation experience is rather unusual. She has moved home twenty-four times and has experienced, both as a teenager and as an adult, six international moves and four re-entries. She has been living outside her country of origin – Israel – for a total of nineteen years now.

Importantly, she went, with her husband and two children, through all the ups and downs of the immigration and naturalization experience as they finally decided to make Britain their permanent home. With this background it is perhaps no coincidence that she chose to devote nearly a decade of her life to carrying out several studies, including her PhD, on the relocation experience, exploring its social and psychological aspects.

After completing her doctorate, she left the world of research and went on to establish a successful company offering relocation training and counselling services.

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