Sheryl Buckland

Sheryl Buckland

Until recently, Sheryl lived for 16 years in the Netherlands. She is British and was formerly a management trainer and a business studies tutor who worked for public and private organizations in both Britain and the Netherlands. A member of the British Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, she holds an M.A. in Education and a further M.A. in Social Sciences.

In 1995 Sheryl moved with her husband to the Netherlands and immersed herself in Dutch culture, conducting research on cultural acclimatization, the role of language teachers and child development. During this time, she also worked as an Associate Lecturer for the British Open University Business School and as a Business Studies Tutor for undergraduates in the Utrecht Hogeschool’s Faculty of Economics and Management. Sheryl and her husband have now retired and moved back to the UK, where they live in Stratford-upon-Avon but she has retained her close links with the Netherlands through her Dutch and expatriate friends and her regular visits.

Sheryl's cultural tip

Dutch people aren’t shy about expressing their opinions and are generally very interested in hearing your take on life too! Gezelligheid is central to Dutch social life. The dictionary defines gezellig as “cosy” but “congenial” is probably more accurate, describing an atmosphere that is relaxed and full of fellow feeling. It is about enjoying yourself in the company of others and there is plenty of opportunity for enjoyment in exploring the Netherlands. This small but diverse country offers the open-minded visitor a lively cultural scene and real pleasure to be found in the company of its friendly and energetic people.

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