Vickie Chan

Vickie Chan

VICKIE CHAN is a Hong Kong-based writer, illustrator/ artist, and creative director who was educated and grew up in the United Kingdom. After a lifetime of traveling between Westand East, she settled in Hong Kong in 2006. Since then she has written for the South China Morning Post, China Daily, Gafencu magazine, and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, among others. Her main focuses are on art and design, education, culture, lifestyle, travel, and digital.

Vickie's Cultural Tip

If you're willing to try some local food, or try speaking a few local Cantonese phrases, your efforts will go a long way! Locals will be impressed and flattered, and you will end up with a much deeper and more genuine experience of Hong Kong.

Memorable Travel Experience

My most memorable but perhaps least enjoyable memory is my trip to monkey mountain in Kam Shan Country Park. I have never trusted monkeys but my travel companion was quite sure they are lovely creatures. We got close to one on a pedestrian bridge over a main road leading to the park. When my friend got close to take a photo, the monkey raised it arms, shrieked and beared its teeth and then promptly chased us off the bridge! I have since been terrorised by monkeys at Angkor Wat, while sketching. Warning signs are there for a reason. So, beware!

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