Italy - Culture Smart!

The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

Barry Tomalin


Italy delights and stimulates with its magnificent cities and monuments, stunningly beautiful landscapes, the glory of its art and architecture, the richness and variety of its food, the elegance of its design and fashion, and the vitality and charm of its people. Italian style and culture have been exported all over the world. At home, however, Italian society and politics are facing challenges as the country struggles to maintain its standard of living, the stability of its currency, and its ability to provide jobs. The influx of refugees across the Mediterranean is putting pressure on both its social fabric and its economy.

Culture Smart! Italy is an insider’s guide to their daily lives, passions, and preoccupations. It introduces you to their history and culture, and provides vital information and practical tips to help smooth your path in different social situations.

A Time to Relax

No one is in a hurry when eating out in Italy. The interval between the secondo piatto and the cheese and fruit, followed by dessert and coffee, is the time for leisurely conversation and may easily add an hour to your meal.

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