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Here at Culture Smart! we are always striving to offer our readers and clients the very best in all aspects of cross-cultural training, and as such have entered into a select number of strategic relationships.

All our partners share in our ethos of professionalism and customer care, and while they cover a variety of services, all add value to Culture Smart!'s unique approach.

We welcome working together with all those who operate in cross-cultural settings and would benefit from what our books have to offer - whether they be travel companies, NGO’s, universities, language schools, relocation companies and book distributors amongst others - and invite you to contact us in order to discuss joint opportunities.

WorldStrides provide students a world of travel experiences that immerse them in knowledge, culture, and inspiration. They help students grow by bringing learning to life—new ideas, new friends, and the memories of a lifetime

Dreamscape Media is an audiobook and video producer dedicated to the art and craft of entertainment. They take great pride in what they do; from title selection to casting and recording, they are determined to bring you the best in entertainment as they continue to develop new audio and video products.