• South Africa - Culture Smart!

Generalisations about South Africa would be dangerous. In such a country, with eleven official languages, nine major Black African tribes, two major White tribes, and a host of other peoples, as well as a representation of all the world’s major religions, who would dare generalise? 

In such a country, where there is major gender inequality, yet where the Deputy President and a third of the Cabinet are women, where Communists sit in Parliament yet a free market economy rules, where there are very, very rich, and very, very poor, of all races, who would dare generalise? In fact, forget just about everything you have ever heard about South Africa. There are a lot of surprises here.

South Africa stands on the cusp of the old and the new, the First and the Third Worlds, the North and the South. This book will introduce you to a vibrant society in transition. It examines the often painful past to explain some of the complexities and contradictions of modern South African society. It looks at how people relate to each other, at home, work, and play, and offers advice on what to expect and how to behave in different contexts. South Africans are big-hearted and optimistic. Make the effort to understand them and they will welcome you unreservedly.

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South Africa - Culture Smart!

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