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Morocco is a land of vivid contrasts. The gateway to two continents, it is a country of spectacular landscapes, rich in history, and heady with sumptuous scents and breathtaking sights. While the countryside is home to ancient traditions and diverse peoples, the ever-growing urban centres boast incredible new architecture alongside the old, and activities to suit all modern tastes.

In the crowded ancient medinas, young men in designer jeans haggle over cell phones alongside traditionally dressed women shopping for housewares. In the fertile countryside, a farmer riding on a goat is as common a sight as a television satellite perched on a mud-brick roof. Moroccan culture is difficult to pigeonhole. It is a unique blend of Arab, African, and European ways of life, and the Moroccans wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Moroccans are warm, hospitable, and open-minded, but for the uninitiated, there can be plenty of snares and snags along the road to acceptance. Culture Smart! Morocco aims to start you on the path to understanding this rich and fascinating culture.

The brief historical overview provides an insight into the way the past has helped shape modern Moroccan values and attitudes. There are chapters on customs and traditions, and on the complexities of modern Moroccan life, with advice on what to expect and how to behave appropriately in different situations. For the business traveler there is practical guidance on how to get things done, and how to make the most of the opportunities that present themselves.

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Myanmar (Burma) - Culture Smart!

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