• Peru - Culture Smart!

In the popular imagination, Peru conjures up images of mysterious ancient civilisations, awe-inspiring Inca ruins, ruthless conquistadores, amazing biodiversity, and spectacular Andean scenery. All true, but visitors will discover much more to Peru than this. In Peru the distinctive Spanish and indigenous cultures that first encountered each other five hundred years ago have progressively integrated. However, the ongoing process of mixing raises questions about the nature of Peruvian identity, and Peruvian society remains economically and culturally divided.

Culture Smart! Peru introduces you to the changing realities of modern Peru. It describes contemporary values and attitudes, key customs and traditions, and reveals what people are like at home, in business, and in their social lives. Peruvians are outgoing, sociable, and laid-back; get to know them, and they will respond with warmth and generosity.

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Peru - Culture Smart!

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