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The Philippines, a scattered archipelago of seven thousand islands, appears to be one of the most Westernized countries in Asia. However, the realities of Filipino life are complex, and not immediately evident to visitors; the façade of the English language does not run deep. The Filipino people have always shown amazing resilience, whether under foreign rule, or in the face of economic or environmental hardship. They are warm, charming, and welcoming, and beyond the chaotic traffic jams and heat of Manila there is much to enjoy and appreciate.

Culture Smart! Philippines gives you the inside story of this unique and attractive country and unpacks the daily lives of its inhabitants. An explanation of the values, attitudes, and customs of the Filipinos today opens the way to a more meaningful experience, while an abundance of practical information on socializing, working, shopping, and communicating will help to make it a more enjoyable experience, too. 

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Philippines - Culture Smart!

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